Tag VDAs and Publish Multiple Desktops in a Single Delivery Group

In some cases you may need to publish a desktop to individual VDAs that are all within a single Delivery Group.  This could be for particular resources or for troubleshooting by launching an ICA session directly to that desktop where a user is experiencing an issue.  You can also have a published desktop that launches to any of the VDAs depending on their load index.  Whatever the case is, below are the steps to achieve this configuration and illustrations depicting what it will look like.

Step 1. Create unique tags and tag your machines.


Step 2. Once all the machines are added into a single Delivery Group, create your desktop resources and select each one with the unique tag as desired.  You can also target those desktops to an AD security group (in my case, the administrative group for my Citrix Site).  As you can see below, I’ve created three desktops, one for each of the VDAs.  Then I  also created a desktop that will launch to any one of the three VDAs.


Step 3. Confirm with a standard user account and then with an administrative user account.




I hope you found this useful and thanks for reading.


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